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Posted by Anonymous on Sat 10th Mar 2012 17:40
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  1. <EpicWin> to make haze mad i told him fear thread was "probably the best forum game thread we've ever had"
  2. <EpicWin> he fuckign went insane
  3. <yeti> loled
  4. <yeti> doesnt he hate us
  5. <yeti> lmao
  6. <reiltalk> haha
  7. <EpicWin> [09:36:10] <%HaZe> FEAR IS GAY
  8. <EpicWin> [09:36:15] <%HaZe> that is a stupid pointless thread
  9. <EpicWin> [09:36:19] <%HaZe> that needs to be deleted
  10. <EpicWin> [09:36:35] <&EpicWin> fear crew is one of the most active threads in the history of forum games
  11. <EpicWin> [09:36:38] <%HaZe> this is such bullshit
  12. <EpicWin> [09:36:55] <&EpicWin> fear thread got created less than a month ago, and has had over 4500 views
  13. <EpicWin> [09:37:11] <&EpicWin> im just saying
  14. <EpicWin> [09:37:20] <%HaZe> yeah half from eilios himself
  15. <EpicWin> [09:37:48] <%HaZe> fear crew is not even a game eiter
  16. <EpicWin> [09:37:49] <%HaZe> either*
  17. <EpicWin> [09:38:02] <%HaZe> just a pointless ass thread where they talk about stupid shit all day

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